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Mission Impossible? Not for Yellowstone!

Although much of our tankering work is ‘run of the mill’ collections and deliveries, every now and then we get more complex projects involving working at height, confined space entry and restricted access.

One particular project was to remove a rather hazardous substance from an enclosed bund which sounds simple enough but the access meant hoisting the specific suction pipework some 10M up scaffolding, through a small aperture and then lowering down the other side of the bund for another 10M before reaching the waste chemical.

With strict Health & Safety requirements, security measures, chemical precautions and working at height, this project had to be handled with military precision.

Once Risk Assessments and Method Statements were put in place, all operatives briefed and rehearsed, the client and site were made aware of all the necessary precautions along with the required equipment checked and the legal paperwork in place, the job could begin.

Thankfully the job went according to plan; sometimes they don’t!

The waste was uplifted and transported to a licensed disposal facility for onward treatment, the clients’ bund was repaired and the site was left clean and tidy.

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