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COVID Cleaning Services

When speaking with our customers, many comment on Yellowstone’s extensive ability to source competitive disposal outlets, provide innovative ideas to handle, recover, recycle and treat waste streams and to provide responsive and well managed collections services; whether by tanker or curtain sided vehicles. But more interestingly, they also love the idea that Yellowstone network with many other waste companies and sub-contractors so they don’t have to!

Just recently, we received a call from a valued client who operate a 24/7 business and was in urgent need of having their office areas professionally cleaned due to a potential outbreak of COVID 19 in the company.

Thankfully, Yellowstone have a strong working relationship with A+ Clean based in Netley, Southampton who came to the immediate rescue. Jane Bradding, Sales Director for A+ Clean commented “We were delighted to be able to offer a quick professional and responsive cleaning service for Yellowstone and their client on this occasion”.

Whilst the majority of A+ Clean work involves external cleaning of roofs, render, gutters, driveways & patios, for both the commercial and domestic market sectors, they have been incredibly busy providing Fogging services; an effective and safe sanitisation method for COVID 19 risk areas such as office facilities, warehouses & showrooms.

Amanda Cousens, Sales & Marketing Director for Yellowstone also commented “We have received such a positive response from our client on how professional the A + Clean crew were on the day and by working with such a dedicated company, it does make it so much easier to get the job done for our clients”. More information on the services they can provide can be found on their website.

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